Malek Francis is not a politician.

He is a Public Servant who has been serving the public as a Civil Engineer at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for over 33 years. Malek stands for our Flag and our National Anthem and is ready to work with you!

Malek’s objectives include:

• Eliminating the School Property Tax and replacing it with Income and Sales Tax

• Ending waste and corruption at the Department of Transportation and other state agencies by rewarding and protecting any employee or citizen that reports corruption, and punishing corrupt employees, contractors and consultants

• Downsizing the legislature and limiting their terms and campaign contributions

• Supporting our Veterans - no one who fights for our country should have to fight for housing, health care or jobs

• Putting prisoners to work to pay for their crimes

• Mandatory death sentences for anyone who kills a police officer

• Mandatory death sentences for drug dealers

Malek will not accept his salary because he believes that Public Service is an honor. He will not accept campaign contributions from lobbyists and special interest groups.

Malek is Pro America and Pro Family

Together, we will clean up the mess in Harrisburg!